Cloud Access Solution


A private area network provider, Securus, has been using the services of C4Ls services for a few years now. This includes IP Transit which gives customers a number of different access routes on a road to their cloud framework. This access to the cloud is very important to Securus as it has helped them design a solution for cloud platforms. They now use Fibre, Copper and 4G cell technology to provide service that isnt accessible immediately in other places in the market.

In 2014 Securus experienced a great deal of success thanks to this solution. This success has already begun to carry over into 2015. This entire project focuses on the fact that if the cloud goes down or freezes temporarily a persons personal and business world completely shuts down. Solutions in France as well as Germany will be provided as well thanks for C4L.

The new business director for Securus, Pete Hiller, says that they looked at various infrastructure providers but unfortunatelyCloud-Image-c4ly were not happy with any of the information they received. Their goal to receive services right from the providers brought them to C4L and they are delighted to have seen such promise and growth from this business venture on both sides.

It was never a possibility to use the cheapest provider available but rather to seek out the services and outcomes that Securus was looking for. C4L was the only one who showed promise for success and a great relationship moving forward. The team at Securus is thrilled that they are able to contact C4L with any ideas they have and they quickly receive back with great promise attached. Future strategies and plans all hold great success with this recent partnership.

C4L is one of the top date centers and connectivity solutions providers in the area. They have access to more than 100 UK data centers and more than 300 centers over the span of the world. Many services are offered by C4L including connectivity, communications, collocation and cloud services and to offer wbesite hosting and a web builder they have teamed up with one of the top domain companies in the u.s. who now offers a service for their hosting clients with a free website builder. A date centre is currently located on the South West coast and it is privately owned. A 1-100 GB capable network is equipped with a fibre optic network and the latest technological equipment available. This is thanks to some of the top vendors such as Extreme, Juniper and Cisco.

Securus provides a network infrastructure like no other and also value added services that top forward thinking businesses in the area. Multiple date centers are located in London, Wiltshire, West Midlands and Northampton. Securus focuses on fibre connectivity with private or public cloud services.